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Mettler Polysheen
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Polyester POLY SHEEN is the perfect thread for traditional embroidery and contemporary design. It can be used in every situation and is particularly well suited for use with highly stressed textiles such as sports and leisurewear, children’s clothes, leather, work clothing, jeans, terry cloth, catering and hospital laundry.

Gives embroidery and decorative application a brilliance of colour. This means the colours appear even more expressive and dazzling.
Thanks to its trilobal qualities, POLY SHEEN – unlike conventional embroidery and decorative threads – has a significantly larger surface to reflect the light, making it appear even more brilliant.
POLY SHEEN is manufactured according to current international ecological guidelines and certified according to Öko-Tex® Standard 100.
The embroidery and decorative application also stay totally colourfast when subject to harsh treatments, such as chlorine bleach, we/dry abrasion, washing and ironing.
The tensile strength of the trilobal polyester yarn is 50% higher than rayon or viscose. Excellent embroidery and stitching guaranteed – with no risk of thread breakage. The thread can also be used with the latest high performance sewing and embroidery machines.

Kreinik Metallic Threads
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Kreinik Filament Threads
50m spools

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Use 1/16″ Ribbon in Cross Stitch (10 & 11ct), Needlepoint (18-24ct), Plastic Canvas (14ct), Machine Embroidery, Scrapbooking & Card Making.

Use Kreinik 1/8″ Ribbon in Cross Stitch (8ct), Needlepoint (10-14 ct), Plastic Canvas (7-10 ct), Machine Embroidery (couch), Ribbon Embroidery, Scrapbooking & Cardmaking. It makes fun embellishments like bows, streamers, and borders.

Applications: crazy quilting (hand and machine), crewel, cross stitch/counted thread, doll making (hand and machine), fly fishing, kids’ crafts, machine embroidery/bobbin work, machine embroidery/couching, needlepoint/canvas work, plastic canvas, ribbon embroidery, stumpwork, weaving.
Hand Embroidery

Kreinik 1/16″ and 1/8″ Ribbon create a beautiful frosted look in ribbon embroidery. They also create a flat texture and delicate shimmery effect in samplers. This texture makes them ideal for needlepoint, canvas work, and plastic canvas as well. In addition, you can couch 1/16″ and 1/8″ Ribbons on any fabric for surface embellishment with a corresponding color of Kreinik Cord or Blending Filament.

With a few adjustments to tension and thread set-ups, you can also use 1/16″ Ribbon in the bobbin of a machine. Try straight stitch designs on a scrap of fabric to experiment with the technique.
For the ultimate in beauty and texture, use the Kreinik Ribbons to create ribbon embroidery by machine. The soft pearl and pale pastel colors are ideal for bridal accessories. Use an embroidery hoop and remove the foot; refer to the many books on the market that talk about ribbon embroidery by machine, and substitute Kreinik Ribbons for silk ribbons.

Kreinik Blending Filament

Blackwork, crewel, crochet, cross stitch/counted thread, doll making (by hand and machine), fly fishing, hardanger, knitting (by hand), lace making, machine embroidery/bobbin work, machine embroidery/in the needle, miniatures, needlepoint/canvas work, punch embroidery, silk gauze/Polysil embroidery, smocking, stumpwork, weaving.

Hand Embroidery:
The thin quality of Blending Filament allows you to create elements of subtle light reflection. It is often combined with cotton, wool or another thread type, in the same needle, to create a random metallic sparkle. The addition of one or two strands does not add weight to your thread, so you can use the needle size that accommodates the stranded cotton. Vary the amount of highlight or shimmer you want to add to a design by using one or more strands; use a single strand for the most subtlety or two strands for added effect.

Overstitching & Texture:
There’s more to Blending Filament than just ‘blending,’ however. You can also use Blending Filament by itself to overstitch, bringing a reflective highlight or glow to a particular spot. Also, use a single strand of Blending Filament by itself in half-cross stitches for backgrounds on fabric; it creates a slight texture and subtle shimmer.

Machine Embroidery:
Blending Filament creates three-dimensional effects whether used in the needle or the bobbin of a sewing machine with specific embroidery patterns or free-motion techniques. It is ideal for art quilts and wearable art. Blending Filament also creates delicate reflective highlights in programmed patterns on embroidery machines. Kreinik offers an extensive color range to match fabric or mood.

Thread Painting with Kreinik

Couching with Kreinik Ribbon

Bobbinwork with Kreinik Ribbon

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