Great Lamps For Your Sewing Room

As winter approaches and the days grow shorter, do your eye’s a favour and pick up one (or more) of these great lights for your sewing room.

Daylight LED Sewing Machine Lamp
Product No.: UN1180

This small DAYLIGHT LED lamp is ideal for using on your sewing machine as you can direct the light exactly where you need it most. It is easily mounted on the side of your sewing machine with self-adhesive stickers and comes with a removable mount.


  • Ultra bright focused LED light.
  • Long 18cm (7″) flexible arm for easy positioning.
  • 2 self-adhesive mounts fit most sewing machines.
  • Lamp clicks in and out of the mount.
  • Supplied with 2 mounts which allows you to use it in multiple locations.
  • Non-Magnetic
  • 4 cable clips
  • Cord Length 240cm (94.5″)

Regular Price: $74.99
Email Discount Card Price: $63.74


Daylight Smart Lamp With Full Spectrum LEDs
Product No.: UN1310

This Daylight Smart Lamp comes with a full spectrum LED light which can change colours for improved contrast when reading and color matching. The light is also dimmable so it can be set at the brightness level required. The Smart Lamp is also portable, light weight and foldable so it can be taken anywhere. To add to its portability, the Smart Lamp is battery operated offering up to 4 hours of light and can be recharged via USB through an A/C adapter (included), your computer, or phone charger. It’s an ideal lamp to have on hand when quilting, sewing, or reading.


  • Very compact: 9.5″ x 3″ when folded.
  • Daylight LEDs with 3 step dimmer.
  • Energy consumption: 1.8W
  • Ideal for quilting, sewing and reading
  • Lamp brightness: 510 Lux at 12″
  • Rechargeable – up to 4 hours of light.
  • 3 Methods for Powering the Lamp
  • Internal rechargeable battery (included)
  • Plug in power supply
  • USB recharging cable included

Regular Price: $72.99
Email Discount Card Price: $62.04


Daylight 13 Watt Compact & Portable Lamp – Black
Product No.: U33051

Lightweight & compact, the Daylight 13 Watt folds neatly together, making it conveniently portable. Perfect for reading & any detailed work.


  • Provides perfect color matching to reduce eyestrain
  • Perfect for quilting, sewing and reading
  • Includes a 13 watt, low energy daylight simulation bulb
  • Compact – folds neatly together
  • Weighs only 2 pounds

Regular Price: $89.99
Demo Model Sale Price: $53.99


Ott Lite TrueColor 18Watt Bulb – Mocha Pearl Finish
Product No.: 118S42

The Ott Lite TrueColor 18Watt bulb – mocha pearl finish is a flexible, stylish addition for any home or office. The TrueColor 18Watt bulb is perfect for colour matching, providing reduced glare and low heat. The flexible neck adjusts up to 180° vertically. The marbleized, translucent shade (6.5″ long, 9.5″ in diameter) provides a directional field of light as well as ambient light through the glass. The lamp shaft extends from 23″ to 27.5″ and swivels 360° making it an attractive addition to a sewing, craft, or office work space. The 18-watt Ott-Lite® True Color plug-in compact fluorescent energy saving swirl bulb (replaces 130W incandescent bulb) has an estimated 10,000 hour lamp life.


  • Ott Lite’s True Color™ technology allows you to see colours accurately
  • Allows you to see details clearly with less eye strain caused by glare
  • Stylish Design
  • Elegant finish in antique brushed nickel
  • Marbleised glass shade
  • Comes with an energy saving 18-watt Ott-Lite® True Color plug-in compact fluorescent swirl bulb (replaces 130W incandescent bulb) with an estimated 10,000
  • Hour Lamp Life
  • Solid metal construction
  • Adjustable Height
  • Flexible neck adjusts up to 180° vertically
  • Weighted 9 ” diameter base provides increased stability

Regular Price: $349
Demo Model Sale Price: $249


Daylight 14″ Portable Smart Lamp
Product No.: UN1327

This light can change color temperature from warm white to daylight to suit your preference throughout the day. The lamp is dimmable to 5 settings. It is lightweight and portable making it an ideal companion to take to classes or when travelling. The twistable shade allows you to direct the light where you need it.


  • 3 color temperatures
  • 5 step dimmer
  • Lightweight and portable
  • USB compatible allowing you to plug into the AC Adapter (included) your computer or phone charger.
  • Easy twist shade
  • Bright daylight LEDs provide true color

Regular Price: $152.99
Email Discount Card Price: $130.04


Daylight DuoLamp LED Floor Lamp (Height: 40” to 49”) – White
Product No.: UN1530

This slim, flexible table lamp has a modern design and sleek finish. With two independently adjustable shades,  Daylight DuoLamp LED Floor Lamp allows high light output over a very wide area or an intense light over a small section.


  • Dual Lamps – increasing your illuminated work surface (24″ lighting area when fully spread)
  • Fold the two heads together to create a “twin-head focus light” to provide you with extra light over a focus area.
  • Flexible arm directs light exactly where you need it.
  • 56 high quality bright LEDs provide accurate color matching.
  • Touch switch dimmer with 4 brightness levels.
  • Lamp brightness: 2,090 Lux at 12″
  • Low energy consumption, only 10W

Regular Price: $154.99
Email Discount Card Price: $131.74


Ott Lite 18w Table Lamp
Product No.: 15WG2

Adapted from Ott Lite’s best-selling Floor Lamp, the 18w Table Lamp offers powerful illumination and total flexibility. Ideal for tables, countertops and work benches. Shade height and angle can be easily adjusted with one hand using the flexible neck. By delivering the right mix of brightness and contrast, Ott Lite Illumination lets you see colors, fine print and details with ease under this unique low heat, low glare illumination that also helps to reduce eyestrain.


  • Expansive shade allows for broad illumination
  • Flexible neck directs light where you need it
  • The Ott Lite 18w bulb is rated to last up to 10,000 hours. (Replacement bulb type B)

Regular Price: $199.99
Unused Demo Model Sale Price (No Box): $149.99
Store Display Demo Model Sale Price: $119.99

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